We are processing your full fibre broadband order and applying for your Gigabit Voucher.

The process usually takes about a week, during which the Gigabit Voucher Team will contact you by email to confirm your application and that you agree to accept their Terms and Conditions. This email will come from their dedicated mailbox at GBVSHelp@culture.gov.uk. If you do not see this email within a week from now, please make sure it has not ended up in your spam folder, as the granting of your voucher will be delayed until you have responded: if you fail to receive the email for any reason, please email us at hereford.cic@gmail.com.

After this you will be contacted by our project manager who will arrange a time to suit you to install your new service. All contractor employees carry identification documents, and it is important that you or a responsible adult is in the house on the agreed date and time to oversee the installation.

Our service provider contractor, Purefibre Internet, will also contact you by email to set up your direct debit for payment of your monthly invoices.​

You will not be invoiced for standard installations. We will not invoice you for non-standard installation costs until you have confirmed acceptance of the quote and after you have the service working. 

The first services invoice will be payable at the beginning of the month after your installation.



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